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Information on the ''new look'' Central Kingdom this week. The year is 456 CKC, and the political landscape has changed a bit. I'll try to provide a little common knowledge each day. Stay tuned.

Arayis - In the year 424, Ronsin Hoppe ascended to the throne of Arayis upon the death of his aged (and wildly popular) father, King Riktofen. Ronsin, an introvert by nature, has focused his attention on Arayis, eschewing the inter-kingdom politics for which his father was so famous. Although the people of Arayis have not suffered for their benevolent king's lack of worldliness, Arayis' sudden withdrawal from international politics left a political vacuum in the Central Kingdom.

Hermin - King Justin the Poor, grandson of Justin Treders, king prior to the Thorgillian Wars, now rules the mountain nation of Hermin. Though Hermin is still a poor nation, the future is bright. Their northern neighbor Ranaloy has invested much time over the past 2 decades to teach the citizens of Hermin the advanced mining techniques that have profited Ranaloy for so many years.

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I propose that we begin play on the Homecoming campaign on Saturday, January 17. If anyone has a problem with this date, please let me know.

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DnD 2004 -- In the 40 years since the Thorgillian Wars, Sewert has expanded dramatically under the leadership of Ico the Impossible. From the decimated remains of Apocalypse Night, the city has grown to the largest land-locked city on the entire continent. Ico's encompassing anti-magic dome is largely responsible for restoring the citizens' faith in their urban home's safety. Thanks in no small part to the leadership and knowledge of the millennia-displaced Ico, Sewert leads the civilized world in technological advancement. Considered a marvel of the modern world, Sewert is a shining beacon for humanity.

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IMPORTANT -- Homecoming returning characters should be level 21. New characters will start at level 15. Sidekick characters are to be level 12. IF you have questions, contact me. If I don't hear from you with your character by Monday, 12/22, I'll assume that you are not playing.

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Keith asked for it, so here it is (and may I add, Watch this space):
DnD 2004 ''Homecoming'' teaser info -- About 40 years have passed since the event that has become known as Apocalypse Night in Sewert. The political landscape has changed in the Central Kingdom; and the rebuilt Sewert is the crown jewel of the land, an independent city-state as powerful as any of the other 11 kingdom/nations. A time-displaced warrior named Ico has risen to the rank of Governor of Sewert. Despite Ico's strong leadership and Sewert's rebuilt defenses (including an anti-magic dome around the city), strange, dark forces have begun plaguing the largest land-locked city on the continent of Arcland. One particularly odd event will soon force Ico to send a call out to his old companions to aid against an unseen force that even the reunited Heroes of Sewert may be unable to stop....

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To be continued...