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Today, the UGA Bulldogs won their first SEC Championship game since 2017 in dominating fashion. Hooray!

But the real news of the day is that I have a new dog.

Like Henry before him, this good boy is a rescue puppy whose first family couldn't care for him. His original name was Ricky, though his temporary foster parents discovered he didn't seem to know it. They renamed him Coco Puff, but he never really cottoned to that name, either. Mom decided we might as well call him something that sounded good alongside "Henry."

(Side note: I might have ambushed Mom with the idea of a new dog just yesterday, so she justifiably needed some appeasing before she would allow another standard poodle in her house run by Audrey the Hungry Havanese — whose birthday is tomorrow! If that means Mom gets to name my new dog, so be it.)

Therefore, allow me to introduce Louis, pronounced like a French king, unless you're my dad, who insists on saying it "the American way."

Henry doing his best impersonation of the shark from Jaws

Of course, I'm particularly sensitive to whether Henry might get his feelings hurt by having a new dog in the house, so I woke up early (for me) to take Henry to the PetSmart in Peachtree City for an interview with his prospective new playmate. As it happens, the Peachtree City PetSmart is right beside a cemetery, and when Henry and Louis (nee Coco) politely paused their inaugural rollicking to let a group of funeral-bound mourners pet them, I was pretty sure we were going to be all right.

I'm quite pleased that Louis is a brown poodle, a first for my family. White poodles can be pretty, but you really have to keep them on their pedestal, especially on rainy days when playing with new puppies in the mud.

He's a white poodle in a chocolate overcoat!

Immediately after this picture was taken, I introduced Louis to my bathtub. It was an eventful day, indeed.

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What am I most thankful for this year? One guess:

Hi ho, Henry

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Seasons are wasted on dogs.

Did someone say 'squirrel'?

The best part of this picture is that the orange setting sunlight keeps you from seeing how dirty my "white" poodle is.

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You can have your birthday or Christmas, but for my money, Independence Day is the best holiday. I love everything about it... except the fireworks.

The way I see it, you can have fireworks or you can have dogs. I always have and always will choose dogs.

Some days you just can't get rid of a ball

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Henry chewed up one of my red bandanas, so I wrapped it around his neck as a badge of shame.

The great jungle huntsman

He turned it into a fashion statement.

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Henry had surgery today to have his testicles and dewclaws removed and a chipped tooth sanded down. As a reward, he was given this fashionable new collar to wear for the next two weeks.

The definition of puppy-dog eyes

Unfortunately, Henry's not not really into fashion. Unlucky dog.

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Springtime for Poodle

Henry's first spring!

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Audrey's momma went out of town, and she is *not* happy that I'm making her sleep with in the same room as Henry.

That's as white as Henry gets on rainy days

You cannot see her beady little black eyes in that picture, but I assure you they are shooting daggers at the camera.

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I'm teaching Henry to appreciate sunsets.

Be awestruck, Henry!

It's a work in progress. He still prefers squirrels.

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And the first dog to bite me in 2022 is not the puppy but Dad's Rambo. Admittedly, it was partially my fault for having the temerity to attempt drying off his back legs after a long walk on a damp afternoon. He was probably sore. He *is* 12 years old.

I could be mad, I suppose. He bit down hard, leaving pretty good puncture wounds on both sides of my right forearm. It certainly hurts. (Honestly, it hurts a lot.)

I wish he had politely said, "please don't do that, it hurts," but he's never been much for manners. Dad did name him Rambo for a reason. The warning is in the name.

But there's no point in kicking the dog, literally or figuratively. What's done is done: lesson learned, muzzle ordered. And frankly, given the choice, I'd rather have a dog bite puncture wound than COVID.

That said, it's not the great start to 2022 I was hoping for. (And I sure hope it didn't give Henry any ideas!)

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To be continued...