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A month ago, the next door neighbor to our left sold her house. It's disappointing to lose a good neighbor, but it's perfectly reasonable that she should want to move closer to her grandchildren after the death of her husband, a very nice man who was also a former head of our local Board of Education.

The person who bought her house remains unseen. So far as I can tell, no one has moved in yet, but the house receives nearly daily shipments of packages, as though someone was redecorating with entirely new products purchased on Earlier this week, they even delivered a car, a Mercedes-Benz. I've been joking that someone is building a safe house for spies.

Meanwhile, the neighbors to our right, a couple with young children, backed a U-Haul up to their house yesterday afternoon, and this morning they were gone, taking with them their dog who enjoyed coming into our yard and barking at me. Obviously, we were not as close to them, and their departure was very unexpected.

They left a rollaway dumpster in their driveway filled with furniture, including beds, dressers, and children's' bicycles. Why would anyone leaving a house in such a hurry take the time to throw so much of their stuff away? If it was an eviction, I'd think they would have just left the stuff where it was. If they sold and are moving, why not take the children's toys? The only reason I can think of for anyone to leave in such a state of disarray is because their house is haunted.

I am currently, quite literally, surrounded by mysteries.

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As I mentioned, I've been relocating to new digs over the past week. What stands out about the misadventure is that less than 2 hours after being laughed at over how diligently I was tying down the tarp on the trailer hauling my furniture, the darn tarp ripped in half on the highway. (As seen below. My brother took the opportunity to chuckle at my expense.) Fortunately for me, the weather waited until after the tarp ripped to begin producing rain. Mother Nature is a woman with a sadistic sense of humor.

Thank you, Trey.

At least the move is complete and my computer is now (mostly) installed and running in its new location. After over 7 years, I am physically no longer living in Athens, GA. I don't know what I'll do, living in a town with less than 1 bar/liquor store per citizen.

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Now almost all of the things that I have in my apartment are in a box. And I have labeled the boxes. There are at least 8 boxes that feature the word "Batman" in their label. Boxes of dolls, action figures, bedding, clothes, shoes, games, books, playing cards, models, mugs, glasses, bookends, statues, pins, replica movie props, watches, etc. This is after I've already thrown away the things that say Batman that are valueless or damaged, like the aged candy dispensers, empty Coca-Cola cans, Valentine's Day cards, ruined t-shirts, and a toothbrush. No, wait, I kept that toothbrush. And come to think of it, I kept those candy dispensers, too. And... Well, never mind. Eight boxes seems about right.

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Ok, since I last blogged, I've driven across country, I've begun the moving process, and I've changed host servers here at How's that for multi-tasking? I'm so, so disorganized right now. Please note that because of the server change, I've had to reorganize the site to move the blog back to where it was, here at Sorry for the confusion. Make a note of the move. I promise it won't happen again. (At least not for another few months.)

Remember the Alamo!

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I am preparing to move. Since the computer will likely be coming down for a few days, this could very well be the last update for awile. Can you live with that? I can.

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To be continued...


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