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I've got blisters on my fingers! From all the coding, that is.

Keen observers may notice something new about the blog today: comments. Unlike some other pansy bloggers who use plug-ins or widgets, I just coded the comments section myself. Why, you ask? Because I'm out of video games. So either start leaving comments or give me some video games; I've really got nothing else to do.

UPDATE: A friend emailed me to note that the comments weren't enabled. Turns out I never redirected the comments form from my test scripts address. Bah! But it's really, really working now. Seriously. You can trust me.

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I told my family that I couldn't think of anything clever to put on my blog today. "It's because you're not clever," said my brother. "It's because you're getting old," said my mother.


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No post of significance today. I've been taking care of business working on a jigsaw puzzle of Elvis and watching preseason football. (I hadn't noticed, but apparently I've been in football withdrawal.) Sorry.

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We're playing with IP address changes today here at that may will cause some connection problems, at least temporarily. Should be solved soon. Thank you for your patience.

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Without internet access, I cannot post this blog entry. As I type this, I have no internet access. Therefore, it is impossible for you to be reading this.

If reading this is impossbile, and you are reading this, you can do the impossbile.

No human can do the impossbile. If you are reading this, you cannot be human.

No human can restore my internet access right now. You are not human. Therefore, you can restore my internet access right now.

(That's called "logic." And logic, as any vulcan knows, is infallible. Now get to work, and get me back online!)

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I thought that I should try to say something positive once a month so that I don't get a repuation as a knee-jerk reactionary who simply hates everything. ("Too late," you say?) So today's blog posting will only contain something that I think of favorably.


Let's see.


Oh, fuck it.

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Christmas has passed, which means that everyone can go back to being the curmudgeonly malcontent and general all-around asshole that I usually am. Hooray! (Though, I'm sure that if you asked my family, they'd say that I was pretty malcontent and an asshole all day yesterday. And I was on my good behavior! Not my best, just better than usual.)

Look out, 2009, here I come.

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If you didn't come in through the front door, here's an FYI for you: there's a new wreath out. I figured what with the server migration and all, now was as good a time as any to change the default index page from the 2-year old movie (still viewable in its new home here) to a new video game based on comic book collecting. Yes, I'm sure you're very excited to try it out, though I recommend that you pace yourself, as it'll probably be another 2 years before I change it again.

I've also taken care of some lingering technical issues (such as the malfunctioning "secret Wriphe" button you told me about waaaay back in June, Mike). So if you thought something about the site sucked last time you visited, maybe I fixed it. Although we both doubt that, don't we?

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I've spent a lot of time this week wondering how I'm going to space out blog entries this month. Hopefully you've noticed that for the past year I've been trying to post every three days. But because I always post the results of home UGA games that I attend, this will throw me off a bit for the next few months. And I don't know why, but it always seems that I have more to say during Batman and Football Month than in other months. (After all, Batman and Football Month was founded because I couldn't decide which I liked more: Batman or Football.)

Then I had an epiphany: it's my blog and I'll post when I want too. So take that, Calendar Man!

No! Don't tear the pages off my Calendar! Man, that's just evil!

A man's got to do what a man's got to do. But I still promise at least one post every three days through the end of the year because that just the sort of guy I am. (I do try to keep all 14 of my readers happy.)

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Whoops. Another missed entry. That's the second time this year. (Sorry, I've spent 3 days working on tiling my den -- removing carpet and wood parquet and replacing with ceramic tile. I just lost track of time, I guess.) Dammit, Walter, pay attention!

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To be continued...