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I sat down to write a blog post, but Henry says I have to hold one end of a deer antler while he chews the other. So I'm typing this with one hand, and that's all the post you're going to get today.

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Damn it. I opened this here blogging portal to type something in one window, and then I opened a second window to call up the thing I was going to blog about. Except I got distracted by a bookmark I had saved, then clicked a few more links, and now, just a few clicks later, I have absolutely no idea what it was I was going to blog about.

Did this always happen to me, or am I getting old? I can't remember.

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The cure was worse than the disease: thanks to the overzealous protection of my virus scanning software, essential operating system files were sealed away for my protection. Unfortunately, that also meant that the OS couldn't access them either.

Twenty-four hours and a lot of swearing later, my OS is running again, but I'm down a lot of essential programs and most of a weekend. Internet, you were supposed to be my friend, not my Socially Transmitted Disease vector! Sigh.

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My vocal readers tell me they stayed away from in June because of Superman Month. While Google doesn't exactly bear that out (I had 17 unique visitors on June 27!), I'm more interested in how I can make you all happy going forward.

So I've decided to change Superman Month. Just like Batman and Football Month in September, from now on June will be Superman and Something Else Month. I will be taking suggestions on just what that something else will be. Tell me what you'd like to read about in June other than Superman, and I'll consider it. (No promises. Just consideration.)

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments, or use the contact form to email me your suggestion. If I get a lot of suggestions, I might put it up to a vote!

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Welcome to the 5th Annual Batman and Football Month. It's hard to believe that it's been five years since I was asked to choose between Batman and football. In retrospect, over that time I have watched 21 different colleges play ball in person, attended 2 Super Bowls, and stopped buying Detective Comics altogether. So I guess there's your answer. (Time really does tell!)

Since no one spoke out against posts every other day when I asked last week, I'll start trying to post more often. However, it is now football season, and all bets are off for my posting schedule when post dates may conflict with my attendance of live games. (Currently, I'm scheduled to attend 7 live gridiron contests this season, but I think I may also attend the Stephenson HS vs. Newnan HS game in late October. We'll see how I feel that weekend.)

You may also have noticed that since my last post I've changed the layout of the blog. In order to make my old posts more accessible, I've been moving all old posts into the database. I've also begun the corresponding implementation of a tag system. Right now, searches only function by tag, and only for those posts that have already been tagged. And if you're nostalgic, you can still go back and look at the old posts by year, just like you used to.

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I'm considering changing my posting schedule here at Right now, I post every three days (exactly as often as I shave). Should I start posting every other day? Or perhaps not at all? Speak now or forever hold your piece.

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This is a late blog post because I've got nothing to say. Nothing. I've racked my brain for hours. I've started typing a dozen times only to produce blank pages. So you get nothing from me today. Sorry. At least it's nice outside. Go out and enjoy yourselves. I'll try to have something when you get back, but no promises.

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Consistent with the law of diminishing returns, maintaining this blog has become less and less attractive to me. I was re-reading some of my posts from 2006, and it seems that once upon a time I was wittier and more original with my posts than I am now. Since I can't top the work that came before, why bother to try? Rather than continue posting more and more banal comments until updating this site becomes mere drudgery, I've decided that this will be my last post. Instead, I will be devoting this time and attention to other tasks that I am sure that I will find more fulfilling. In fact, I think maybe I'll finally pursue my life's dream and try my hand at competitive eating. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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The results are in:

What my f'd up readers want.

Surprisingly, football received multiple votes, twice as many as comic books did. No one voted for hearing exclusively more about my personal life. (Everyone must already know how boring it is.) Though news reports were the big vote-getter, I consider poodles to be the winner for garnering a vote when they weren't even a candidate. Good girls!

So what did we learn from this exercise? Only that I have lost a reader. At last count, I was sure that I had 11 readers, but the poll only received 10 votes. One of you better have died.

[UPDATE]: As you can see from the comments below, Randy fessed up. As a result, I've updated the table above. Eleven readers, eleven votes. Everything is now right with the world.

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I've had a few people tell me in recent weeks that they read my blog, but they don't care for the comic book parts. That made me curious: what do you guys prefer to read about? Let me know by using the simple poll below. (I'll let you kno what the results were at the beginning of March.)


Disclaimer: I'm asking for what you like here at, nothing else, so don't get too cute. This poll does not constitute a promise to cater to your whims. In fact, if anything, I'll try harder to keep what you like from you. But if you've been coming here long enough to have an opinion about what you like, you probably already knew that.

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To be continued...


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