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October lawn art is a real treat:

Everyone's favorite Halloween candy

I'm a little worried that people will interpret this one to mean that we'll be giving away candy this year, which we absolutely will not. (Mom and I both hide behind curtains whenever anyone rings our doorbell.) I think my solution will be to put an empty bowl on the porch beside a sign that says "Take as many as you like."

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Are you feeling Lucy, punk?

It's a trap (game)!

I admit that the allegory of perpetually giving Charlie Brown false hope loses some punch in the aftermath of UGA's first championship win in 31 years, but it's patently un-American to let reality get in the way of a good story. At least the football on this sign can't move.

Interestingly, this is the first sign I've put up that has been vandalized. It went up on Sept. 1, and the morning of Sept. 3, some kids threw rocks at her face, denting it. Which, when you think about it, is exactly what Charlie Brown should have done years ago.

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It's Little League World Series season!

Having a ball; wish you were here
Dugout®, Official Mascot of Little League World Series™

Yes, it bothers me a little that ESPN makes money broadcasting the LLWS as though they were actual MLB games, but that irritation is tempered by the fact that the kids really enjoy being treated like stars, so it's not like they're getting *nothing* out of the deal.

In fact, it's the kids' honest reactions to the agony and ecstasy of playing a game they clearly enjoy that makes the whole thing must-see tv. I find it very much an antidote to all the bullshit in the adult world.

Have fun, kids.

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Have a Coke and a smile:

Thirsty for championships

I should have held up an original 1980 UGA Championship Coca-Cola bottle (with the Jack Davis art) for scale. This one was painted specifically to hang on the wall inside the house beside the tv, so use that to frame it in your imagination.

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There was a turtle by the name of Bert,
and Bert the Turtle was very alert.
When danger threatened him,
he never got hurt.
He knew just what to do!

If you don't happen to have any red/blue anaglyph 3D glasses within arm's reach, A) shame on you, and B) click the image to see it in living color.

He sure looks happy, all things considered He sure looks happy, all things considered

In case you millennials don't catch the reference, here's YouTube. Good luck getting that song out of your head.

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Found in my mailbox today:

Fan mail!

Dear Mr walter, I loved yor shin it was so cool and instead of salt you put walt. love meyer ☺

So you aren't the only one who noticed, Doug.

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In honor of April's seemingly never-ending rain showers:

When it rains, it pours

The Morton's Salt Girl doesn't have a name. They just call her "Umbrella Girl." I went ahead and named mine April Showers, although in hindsight, I think that sounds like a pornstar name. Maybe that's why Morton's never named her.

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I have a new painting by my mailbox for Saint Patrick's Day:

The green light gives the illusion that we have grass in the front yard

I'd been wanting to incorporate light into one of these for a while, and Green Lantern made the perfect test case.

It's not entirely clear in the image above, but the green glow comes from a string of green Christmas lights attached to the frame. It took four tries to get the ring working just the way I liked it. The successful version you see here was carved from the end of a 2x4. So I'm a sculptor now!

He makes a good night light

I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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This guy has been waiting impatiently in my basement since Georgia lost the SEC Championship.

Leader of the pack

Now that UGA has finally won their first National Championship since 1980, I think it's finally time to put him out on the curb... immediately after the game ended at midnight.

The OG

Beware of the Dawgs!

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Say hello to this year's post-Thanksgiving yard sign, Speedy Alka-Seltzer:

Oh, what a relief it is!

Speedy Alka-Seltzer was a 1950s advertising character. I don't know how many people will recognize him today. (The original Speedy was a stop-motion stick puppet, but this painting is based on a 3-foot talking doll made for mid-century promotion in pharmacies. You might have seen a surviving model on Antiques Roadshow.)

Mom was enthusiastic — it was actually her idea — so he'll be out by the mailbox for at least the next week reminding people not to party too hardy.

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To be continued...