This shockwave reproduction of a "Star Trek Visual Communicator" should be considered the equivalent of an interactive McDonald's Happy Meal toy. Because essentially that's what it is.

The Star Trek Happy Meals of 1979 were the first Happy Meals to tie-in with a movie endorsement. That makes this reproduction in digital space both historical and fun!

Two arms on either side of the original plastic toy were used to crank the paper film reel around. I've eliminated them for space. I've also done away with the protruding plastic antenna. Other than Uncle Martin, who needs plastic antennae? Just click on the buttons to make it work.

There were five comic strips produced for use in these plastic do-hickeys. When I built this communicator in 2006, I only had three, so you'll just have to make do pretending that the two missing strips are every bit as banal and idiosyncratic as the three that are represented here.

Star Trek and related material TM & © Paramount Pictures; Happy Meals TM © McDonalds

(UPDATE 2013: You can now find all 5 strips here.)