This is a reminder that the game will commence tomorrow night at 7PM at the Comic Co. If I do not have your character by tonight, Jeff, I will not let you play Sat night. You can call, email, IM, or fax; I don't care how you get it to me, just get it to me.

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Central Trekgal - Upon King Gondarm's death in 434 CKC, Central Hurst annexed Trekgal into one nation under rule of King Erwin of Central Hurst. The new nation, called Central Trekgal, is by far the largest kingdom in the Central Kingdom, causing a great deal of concern among political watchdogs for the area's balance of power. The annexation led directly to Sewert declaring independence as a nation with the support of Arayis and Hartgrove.

North Hurst - King Wingard Hurst carries on the generations of hatred against his cousins in Central Trekgal. Now even more than before, the Hursts of North Hurst feel betrayed and rejected by their southern relatives. Their persecution complex has led to extreme fortifications made along the kingdom’s borders. Travelers agree that North Hurst is the least friendly kingdom in the area.

Ranaloy – Ranaloy has remained an out-of-the-way and largely ignored nation since birthing the Thorgillian crisis. Kierrie Artphalen, AKA Aliam Halverick, brother-in-law of previous King Grath, assumed the throne peacefully after the wizard Trafar retired as governor in 419 CKC. The mountain kingdom has quietly prospered in the years since.

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Hatrtgrove - In 418, the ailing King Ryan held an open tournament to determine his successor. Though Baron Lustre the Fierce won the tournament, King Ryan declared the runner-up, a little-known wanderer named Ruurk, King of Hartgrove. King Ruurk has for years since held a tournament each year, reportedly in honor of his benefactor (although rumors widely-circulate that the mysterious Ruurk is instead searching for a particular unknown combatant).

Westin - Westin has thrived for years as Vincenton has grown in prominence. Now among the premier port cities on Arcland, if not the world, Vincenton has attracted fabulous wealth as chief supplier for the underground markets in Sewert. Still governed by the tradesmen's guilds, the wild city of the Central Kingdom has earned its reputation for attracting the ''undesirables'' forced out of other Central Kingdom nations.

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Outer Westgrave - Many of the barbarian tribes that invaded Outer Westgrave during the Thorgillian Wars remained behind after its conclusion. The combination of the colonies of tall barbarians and short gnomes provides the other Central Kingdom countries great mirth at the expense of the kingdom's reputation. King Ostolve III, nephew of Gayorg II, rules the Central Kingdom country most tolerant of magical species.

Wurton - No sooner had Apocalypse Night passed than had Quincey Thrush returned to Wurtin and claimed the throne. No sooner had King Thursh claimed the throne than he declared himself Wurtin's representative to the Central Kingdom and relocated his royal residence to Sewert, making Wurton the only kingdom of the Central Kingdom to have its sovereign live outside the borders of his land. Thrush has lived in Sewert (minus many travels) ever since. Otherwise, Wurton is proof of the adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Spint - It has taken Spint many years to recover from the death of their Queen during mysterious circumstances at the end of the Thorgillian War. The war left a lasting mark on the political landscape of the country, as greedy dukes and counts vied for the throne in open courts and battlefields and backroom deals. At last, through the influence of neighbors Arayis and Hartgrove, nobleman Lord Luther Cerviax, son of the previous Vice Chairman of the Central Kingdom, took the throne for good. King Cerviax moved the capital to Durtik where his political allies can protect him from further hostile action by jealous rivals.

Lansin - Nortimer Yearsef was proclaimed King of Lansin on his 14th birthday in 423. As promised, Roman Stoop steps down as both Regent and High Priest of Pelor on the same day. Young Nortimer publicly excuses Stoop for his actions in the Thorgillian War 8 years ago, but the reputation of the Church of Pelor has already suffered greatly. Priest Verner of Arayis is named as High Priest but leaves the headquarters of the Church in Lansin, the last kingdom in the Central Kingdoms officially devoted to Pelor by the grace of King Yearsef.

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Information on the ''new look'' Central Kingdom this week. The year is 456 CKC, and the political landscape has changed a bit. I'll try to provide a little common knowledge each day. Stay tuned.

Arayis - In the year 424, Ronsin Hoppe ascended to the throne of Arayis upon the death of his aged (and wildly popular) father, King Riktofen. Ronsin, an introvert by nature, has focused his attention on Arayis, eschewing the inter-kingdom politics for which his father was so famous. Although the people of Arayis have not suffered for their benevolent king's lack of worldliness, Arayis' sudden withdrawal from international politics left a political vacuum in the Central Kingdom.

Hermin - King Justin the Poor, grandson of Justin Treders, king prior to the Thorgillian Wars, now rules the mountain nation of Hermin. Though Hermin is still a poor nation, the future is bright. Their northern neighbor Ranaloy has invested much time over the past 2 decades to teach the citizens of Hermin the advanced mining techniques that have profited Ranaloy for so many years.

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I am missing only a few characters and I know who is outstanding and why. Those of you who are dragging ass, if you could have characters to me by Friday, I'd be a happy camper.
Play has been scheduled to begin at 7PM, Sat., Jan 17 at the Comic Co.
More world updates as soon as I get time. (I'm in the middle of nearly a dozen things right now.)

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I propose that we begin play on the Homecoming campaign on Saturday, January 17. If anyone has a problem with this date, please let me know.

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To be continued...