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It appears that ACT Fluoride Rinse has a new licensing agreement with Nickelodeon allowing them to put SpongeBob Squarepants on their products. In their commercials they proudly proclaim "ACT Fluoride Rinse, now with SpongeBob Squarepants, is up to 40% more effective than brushing alone!" If adding SpongeBob makes mouthwash 40% more effective, just think what else could SpongeBob could be added to for improved results!

There's nothing new about SpongeBob licensed products. Debuting in 1999, SpongeBob was reportedly the number one licensed property in America by 2007 according to bulk vending supplier A&A Global Industries. A&A also credits SpongeBob as being the number 1 selling Social Expressions brand pinyata of all time; nothing proves a brand's popularity like letting a mob attack it with sticks.

ACT further advertises on their website that the ACT Anticavity Fluoride Rise Kids featuring SpongeBob Squarepants tastes "like an underwater explosion of flavor." I assume that means it tastes like salty seawater. Though given that SpongeBob lives in a place called Bikini Bottom, it could taste much worse. Hopefully SpongeBob will not affect the flavor of his new Ortega SpongeBob Whole Grain Taco Kits. Yuk.

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To be continued...


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