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From the We've Been Here "Bee"-fore Department:

As America entered WWII, Hit Comics cut back to a bi-monthly schedule. It also cut back on it's villains. In issue Twenty-One, Red Bee shows up to confront yet another in a never-ending string of protection rackets. Apparently, the shops in Superior City were very, very fragile.

Guns don't kill people. They don't kill bees, either.
Hit Comics #21, April 1942

If there is a highlight in this adventure, it's "gun moll" Mae Floss. She doesn't get a lot of time on panel, but she does makes the most of it. Smooching, feigning distress, knocking the hero out with her purse: she squeezes more into her four panels than most Red Bee antagonists get in an entire story!

Because if there's anything the Red Bee doesn't get, it's action

Since Miss Floss isn't seen after the Red Bee steers her getaway car into a brick wall, I like to think she escaped and will return to menace him again in the future. She'd make a good recurring villain for the Red Bee. It takes a special kind of man to train bees to sting on command, and that kind of man has no use for women. Who can blame him? We all know it's impossible to train a woman to do anything on command.

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From the Because Red Credit Hog Was Taken Department:

Michael deserves a raise
Hit Comics #17, November 1941

This story starts with a punk assaulting Superior City Assistant District Attorney Rick Raleigh in the showers of the local gym. Believe it or not, the motive of this attack is not explained. It has only the most tangential link to the adventure. Just a random assault on a naked superhero. That Dr. Wertham failed to mention this issue in Seduction of the Innocent must have been a clerical oversight.

Over the course of the rest of the adventure, Red Bee convinces a minor to join the mob, murders a man with a car, and then runs away from the police. Oh, and he's also a Peeping Tom. I've said it before: the Red Bee is my kind of hero.

What can Michael do if you fall off that fire escape?

This story makes it explicit that Michael, the Red Bee's bee, has been "trained to help in any emergency." I guess that means he can put out a fire by flapping his wings, defuse a bomb with his antenna, or dial a rotary phone to call a cab when the boss loses his keys.

Ah, the good old days. If the world of 2015 worked like the world of 1941, every teenager with a smartphone would be a costumed crime fighter. Come on, Siri, we've got work to do.

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Who would have guessed that Batman's favorite movie is The Deer Hunter?

This is how Batman and the NRA solve their differences on gun control

Elsewhere in this story, Batman uses his "tremendous powers of calculation" to win at roulette. I know Batman's secret system: always bet on black!

These panels are from "Killer's Roulette" published in Detective Comics #426 in 1972. If that were republished today, there'd be no suspense, just panels of two men sitting at a table covered in blood and brains. Kids these days.

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I'm not the only one who seems to be celebrating Superman on his blog this month. The following images came from posts at other blogs I regularly visit.

The first panel comes from DC Comics Presents #61 (1983) by way of Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin. It really does sum up everything else I love about Superman.

Headline: Superman Spouts Terrorist Doctrine

Meanwhile, Siskoid's Blog of Geekery shows the other side of Superman, Superman #109 (1956), which I also love.

Gay Metropolis sounds like a theme section of Disney World

Clark Kent doesn't look very amused

That's right, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are out for dinner at the Gay Metropolis Supper Club. (I've discussed my affinity for Superman's adventures at Gay places before.) The Silver Age was a different time.

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Who needs medical school when they have comic books?

First of all, Editor — if that is your real name — inherited color blindness is sex-linked, and although more common in men (who have only one X chromosome), it can and does affect women. It's not like, say, prostate cancer, which only affects men because women don't have prostates.

Secondly, wouldn't it be far easier for the "Japs" to create a disease that only affected men, since only men have a Y-chromosome? And why would anyone need to create a disease that drove women crazy, anyway? Every woman I know is already crazy! (Am I right, guys, or am I right?)

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What with the rampant street crime, organized gangs of psychotics, and corrupt officials, no one in their right mind would want want to live in Gotham City.

Finally! A job for Aquaman!
"The Lawmen of the Sea," Batman #20, 1943

Three suicide attempts a week? That seems like a lot, even for New York Gotham City. What does the internet have to say about that?

From The three jumps [from the George Washington Bridge] in less than a week's time [week of June 18, 2012] is not typical, [Port Authority Spokesman] Della Fave said. "It's been a tough year on the bridge," he said.

Overall, the New York City Department of Health and Human Hygiene reports that the city's suicide rate was 6 in 100,000 citizens in 2011. Compare that to the national average of 12 in 100,000. The city with the highest rate is flat, dry Las Vegas, with 35 in 100,000.

It sounds like if Batman is really interested in making a difference, he should spend some time in Sin City.

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How did super heroes get their super powers in the Golden Age? By drinking potions carelessly mixed by ignorant children, of course.

How Donald Trump got his super powers

Clearly, Bob here has the disposition required to make a good hero. It makes sense that this fellow would go on to name himself "The Black Terror" because it was the only costume that the costume shop had in stock that day.

Get your hand of his leg, boy!

But don't worry about little Tim. He got what was coming to him in the end.

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In the early issues of Rip Hunter, Time Master (1961), it is quickly demonstrated that our hero is a master marksman with handguns and thrown knives. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of history and engineering. However, when confronted with angry men with sticks, his solution to the problem is not quite what you might expect.

I don't think that means what you think it means

You are a naughty, naughty man, Mr. Hunter.

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Happy International Women's Day, ladies.

How could Hitler be gay with a haircut like that?

Because all Hitler ever wanted was men's bodies. By "treasures," I'm sure he meant their family jewels.

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I think Google is trying to tell me something, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.

The above chart is Google's interpretation of traffic flow here at For the past 30 days, I've averaged better than 17 hits per day. (Do I even know 17 people?) Most of those people came directly to the site without search engine assistance. (That's a lot of typos.) However, the reason I show this is to point out that the three primary keyword searches that are sending people to this site are

  1. spandex man
  3. gay batman

It seems that I've developed a particular audience. Well, if that's what you want, that's what you'll get:

He's talking about a fist fight, people! giving the people what they want since 2003.

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To be continued...