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That Ryan Mallett kid is pretty good. He's certainly worth a Heisman if anybody is.

Georgia played very, very poorly most of the game, and it was a surprise to everyone in the crowd that we managed a shot at the win late in the game. Of course, we failed to move the ball or score points on our last drive. Mallett had no such problems, and the better team won, 31-24.

UGA 24, Arkansas 31

The above pic was taken at kickoff, and you can see all those empty seats that mostly filled up by the end of the first quarter. They were empty again by the early 4th quarter, but that is partially due to the unseasonable heat: one young woman near us passed out and had to be taken away by paramedics.

I think for the most part, the fans who did show up and stuck around considered the game to far exceed our expectations. (We weren't happy with the loss, but what are you going to do with a young defense versus Heisman-candidate Ryan Mallett?) The environment was rife with anticipation bordering on dread from a crowd that seemed resigned to a loss from teh start. While we did indeed lose, I think the Dawgs showed us more resiliency and talent than we were expecting, allaying our worst fears about a completely uncompetitive season of SEC play.

Note to self: it took the Bulldogs nearly 3 quarters to figure out what to do in this game, and the offensive play-calling seemed to place an unnecessary burden on redshirt freshman QB Aaron Murray. The routes seemed poorly planned, and Murry, who was gun shy for most of the game, was only given deep and spread passing routes, forcing him to make some very dangerous throws if he didn't want to keep taking sacks. This play-calling was inexcusable for such an inexperienced quarterback who was clearly terrified of throwing an intercepted pass. Where were the slants, the quick outs, the safety valves? Murry loves to run (and he's good at it), so where were the bootlegs? Once again, I say that Mike Bobo must be relieved as UGA Offensive Coordinator. And as much as I hate to say it, if Coach Richt can not or will not remove Bobo, maybe Richt needs to go, too.

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To be continued...


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