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How am I supposed to type 'Toys R Us' if I don't have a backwards 'R' key?

According to Wikipedia, "the number of different shapes of the Rubik's Snake is at most

423 = 70,368,744,177,664 ≈ 7 x 1013

The real number of different shapes is lower and still unknown, since some configurations are spatially impossible (because they would require multiple prisms to occupy the same region of space)."

But I don't think you should expect the bow tie-wearing nerds working at Toys R Us to know that.

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In the past few days I've spent many hours learning to solve a Rubik's Cube. (Don't have your own? Play with a virtual cube online. Thank you internet!) I'm not interested in solving for speed, but I would like to be able to pick a scrambled Cube up and solve it. I'm not quite there yet.

Will this make me any money? No. Will this make me a better person? No. Will this impress the ladies? Hell no. But it has certainly been more entertaining than watching the Olympics.

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To be continued...


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