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From the "What Were They Thinking" aisle of your local supermarket comes this unreasonable facsimile of food:

Hopefully a very, very limited edition

Just what the hell is that little blue thing supposed to be, a spider? Should I be pleased or concerned that Kellogg's pastry chefs don't know what a spider looks like? While spiders and ticks are in the same scientific class of animal, should I have to guess which one I'm supposed to be eating for breakfast?

Has there ever been a point in human history where neon red and neon blue colors on a plate stimulated appetites? Doesn't Bubble Yum already satisfy the USDA daily recommended allowance of spiders? Are people who cook their pastries in the microwave buying these expecting that they'll gain the proportional speed and strength of radioactive spiders?

Obviously, I think that this products begs a lot of questions, not the least of which is who at Kellogg's thought this was a good idea? And was that executive a super-villain?

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To be continued...


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