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On Friday, I debated whether to replace my 10-year-old, worn and torn poncho with a medium weight poncho I could keep in my pocket, or heavy-duty poncho that could double as a tent. I settled on the heavy-weight and wondered if I would regret it.

On Saturday, the rain started light, a mere drizzle from 9AM until the 12:21PM kickoff. It incrementally got worse as the game went on until by the 4th quarter it was like a typhoon had hit Athens. I no longer question my decision to buy the heavy-weight poncho. Good choice, Walter.

UNT 21, UGA 45

The two people sitting next to Mom (not the usual season ticket holder) were malcontents: fiercely negative about everything Georgia did. They might have had a point. Georgia special teams were bad, and as a result the North Texas Mean Green and the Georgia Bulldogs were tied at 21 in the 3rd quarter. That's a pretty good performance for a team that was a 34-point underdog.

UGA ultimately came out ahead 45-21, and a good — if soggy — time was had by all.

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To be continued...


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