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A Michael Jackson timeline:

1958: born
1970: releases "ABC"
1979: releases "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"
1982: releases "Thriller"
1985: releases "We Are the World"
1987: releases "Smooth Criminal"
1991: releases "Black or White"
1993: accused of child molestation (settles out of court)
1995: releases "Scream"
2003: accused of child molestation (found not guilty)
2009: dies
2010: releases "This Is It"
2019: accused of child molestation

Accused of child molestation in three different decades? Do the Grammys offer a lifetime achievement award for that?

Can you love an artist's music if the artist was a bad person? Or do you have to believe that the person wasn't so bad because you liked his music? All I can say is that Gary Glitter's music must suck.

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In honor of the death of Michael Jackson, I present the only "meeting" between the King of Pop and the Man of Steel of which I am aware: the cover of the All-New Collector's Edition: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

Who bet on Muhammad Ali in this fight?

And while Superman doesn't actually say hi to Jack-o on the inside of this book, he doesn't actually fight Muhammad Ali, either. (Go figure.)

Is that the Jackson 5 or the California Raisons?


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To be continued...


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