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I just finished playing Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. To say the game was a little buggy is an insult to bugs. Batman fell through the floor, Robin got caught on stair railings, citizens walked on air, Lego pips spawned out of place... there was no shortage of small problems. Fortunately, there was this guy to make it all worth playing:

You will believe a Lego can fly

The game gives you access to Superman relatively early, and it becomes quickly apparent that the game designers consider Batman and Superman not to be in the same Super Hero weight class. Batman has a car; Superman flies. Batman has a batarang; Superman has freeze breath. Batman has a stealth suit; Superman burns things with his eyes. Superman even builds Lego constructs at super speed! Game, set, and match to Superman.

At first I felt bad for Batman, made a second-class citizen in his own game. Eventually the game takes away Superman's powers (with Lego Kryptonite!) and forces a weakened Superman to do things that only Superman can do, like prop up damaged buildings and knock giant robots out of the sky. This leaves you to play as Batman doing what Batman does best, beating up Lego Joker henchmen. Hooray?

Next time, I suggest they cut out the dead weight and give Superman his own Lego game. I'm sure Lego Batman has better things to do with his time than play second fiddle, anyway.

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To be continued...