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I just returned from watching the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. The first thing that struck me about the film was that the title for the movie was on screen for about 5 seconds, barely giving me enough time to really look at it. Maybe I'm spoiled after all of those Batman films that really lingered on the bat symbol, but it seemed very quick. My brother pointed out that if I didn't know what film I was there to see, the brief view of the title was the least of my problems.

I wholeheartedly endorse the latest FF movie, by the way. It's all light action with spectacular jovial and often heartfelt interplay between the four teammates. It's exactly what has made the Four so popular in comic books. And the movie is drastically different from most other super hero films, except the TMNT feature released a few months back. Which, when you stop to consider that the heart of that movie is the interaction of the four ninja turtles, perhaps shouldn't be so surprising. In fact, this is likely the answer to the giant flaw in the recent Superman movie: more interaction with characters, fewer brooding loners. The old television Adventures of Superman is great fun to watch because of the actions of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy, with a touch of infallible, god-like Superman to save the day, not rain on their parade.

So make note, movie producers: we -- or at least I -- want to see enjoyable character interaction in my power-packed, comic-inspired films, not boring retreads of told-to-death origin stories where the heroes only obstacles are self-doubt, terribly poor self-discipline, lack of morality, and Kryptonite.

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To be continued...