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The Whirly-Bat and Batwoman: this was comics nostalgia in 1982. These days, nostalgia involves killing off Justice Leaguers and bringing dead heroes back as villains. Sigh.All hail The Comic Treadmill. Next time some communist tries to convince you that all's wrong with the world, keep in mind that there are brave individuals out there utilizing the amazing information super highway to index every comic book appearance of Batman's greatest invention, the Whirly-Bat.

I love the Batmobile something fierce, but it's really just a car with a bat-shaped battering ram on its hood. The Whirly-Bat, a one-man helicopter that folds small enough to be stored in the trunk of a car with a bat-shaped battering ram on its hood, now that's genius. (The Flying Bat-Cave is pretty awesome, too, but much less practical. After all, who needs a flying cave?)

The Whirly-Bat is one of those gleefully fantastic devices that makes reading comics worthwhile. Of course, in comics the pilot of this one-man wonder doesn't have to worry about such mundane concerns as control loss from unbalanced rotor torque, mast bumping during low-G maneuvers, or having the pilot's cape become entangled with the rotor mast. But why limit yourself to leaping tall buildings when you can fly, eh, Batman?

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To be continued...


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