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I don't understand why everyone keeps asking me what I think about Charlie Sheen. I mean, I've never met the man, I don't watch Two and a Half Men, I've never been paid millions of dollars, and I don't party with roomfuls of hookers. I'm pretty sure that I'm not qualified to have an opinion about someone so far outside of my social circle.

Why is everyone so fascinated with this fellow's lifestyle all of a sudden, anyway? He's made plenty of money: he doesn't have to work for any more unless he wants to. If he'd rather spend the cash on coke, it's his cash, let him blow it. Is he being irresponsible? Sure, but that's really the modern American Way, isn't it?

So his latest shenanigans have resulted in the overdue cancellation of Two and a Half Men. So what? That's small time trouble for Mr. Sheen. Has America forgotten that Sheen was the most prominent client of "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Flies in the 1990s? Before that he shot his fiancee! With his history, is a cocaine party with porn stars or a trip to the Bahamas supposed to surprise us?

Before anyone else asks me what I think of Charlie Sheen, I'll tell you: he sound like a fun guy, but I wouldn't want to work with him.

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To be continued...


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