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I heard today that Billy Ray Cyrus is going to be on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Billy Ray Cyrus is an extra on his daughter's show now. Does he qualify as a "Star"? Should the show be renamed Dancing With The Recurring Supporting Characters?

I had a dream once where I met Billy Ray Cyrus at a rural county fair. No lie: in the dream, he was begging people to accept his autograph while the very untalented lady at the table across from him was selling her book like Enron stock. I really felt sorry for him. I mean, I'm a big fan of his work on Doc. But I wouldn't take his autograph, either. Hey, it's a cruel dream world out there. (My dreams are frequently specifically bizarre. Last night, I dreamed that I worked in a bookstore in a law school and someone was trying to steal my computer monitor during a riot. The downside was that to save my monitor from theft, I threw it out of a two-story window. The upside was that I was mistakenly graduated from law school.)

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To be continued...


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