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My father and I watched the season opener of Monday Night Football as the New England Patriots exploited the Miami Dolphins' inability to cover anyone. The Patriots passed for 517 yards -- a franchise record -- on their way to a 38-24 victory. A notable target of the Patriots was anyone covered by Benny Sapp.

Sapp was clearly unable to cover even perennial slowpoke and former Dolphin Wes Welker. Welker reportedly runs a 40-yard dash in 4.61 seconds. To put that in perspective, the NFL won't hire you to play wide receiver if you run a 4.66 forty. The difference in those two times, 0.05 seconds, is just slightly longer than the length of time that a single frame of a movie is shown on a movie screen. If you are a cornerback too slow to catch Welker, much less tackle him, you shouldn't expect to be an NFL player. And now Sapp isn't, having been cut by the Dolphins yesterday.

Sapp has been a Dolphin for just a little more than a year, arriving from the Minnesota Vikings as the other half of the trade for wide receiver Greg Camarillo. Trivia note: the sure-handed Camarillo was responsible for the Dolphins' only win in 2007. While Sapp wasn't single-handedly responsible for the Dolphins only loss (so far) in 2011, he certainly won't be missed as much as Camarillo, either.

Before you start feeling sorry for the guy, I should point out that The Miami Herald reports that he will get to keep his entire $1.6 million salary for the season. That's nearly $267,000 for each pass that the Patriots got past him. You've got to admit that's a pretty good payday for one night's "work."

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To be continued...


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