49/2215. Inside Out (1975)
Not the more famous Pixar movie but a Nazi Gold heist movie starting Telly Savalas, Robert Culp, and James Mason. It's got a made-for-tv vibe, but that's not all bad, especially considering its genre, one of the few in which crime can pay. (It's always okay to steal from Nazis.)

50/2216. Being Mary Tyler Moore (2023)
HBO's recent documentary benefits from having plenty of home movies that reveal Mary Tyler Moore as a real human being. You actually get a pretty good feel for her as a person, and that's the point of these things, isn't it?

51/2217. The Verdict (1946)
Not the more famous Paul Newman movie but a very entertaining murder mystery starring Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. As a huge fan of the "locked room" subgenre, I really should have deduced the truth because I properly recognized the tropes and red herrings as such. But I was still fooled. Fun!

52/2218. Seven Thieves (1960)
Another heist film in which Rod Steiger teams up with Edward G. Robinson to... well, exactly the same plot as Oceans 11 but without any laughs. When Steiger robs a bank, no one has any fun.

53/2219. Cats (2019)
Hoooo-leee-shit. Critics and audiences have decried this adaptation from the top of their lungs, but until you've seen it, you just don't know. No one involved in making any executive decisions guiding this dance-heavy Broadway show into an uncanny valley of very unfortunate CGI'd cat-suits should be allowed anywhere near a movie studio ever again. I guarantee this is going to end up an underground cult classic if only because generations of watchers are going to fall into the rabbit hole of trying to wrap their heads around how an abomination like this could be brought to life. (And don't even get me started on the musical earworms, which are not the movie's fault but are endemic to the play. The lyrics are terrible the first time, and they don't get any better the hundredth time a chorus of "Jellicle Cats" chews its way through your cerebrum. Hiss!)

More to come.

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