Before we get started with 2021 movies, let me mention that there was a 4-way tie for actor I saw most in 2020, each of whom appeared in 4 movies. Those actors are Kirk Douglas (who I have seen in 18 total movies since I started counting in 2012), Edward G. Robinson (15 total movies since 2012), and Tomisaburo Wakayama & Akihiro Tomikawa ("Lone Wolf" and "Cub" respectively in all 6 of the awesome "Lone Wolf and Cub" movies ). That's a good crowd to belong to.

Now, on to 2021!

1. (1860.) If Winter Comes (1947)
Make no mistake: Winter *does* come. Despite its soap-opera-y melodramatics, this is a morality play in which a good man is punished by society for being good. It lays it all on a bit thick, but I don't think it's wrong. We do always assume the worst from people because we usually are. Be best!

2. (1861.) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)
Sadly, this sequel is nowhere near as good as its predecessor. Someone seems to have forgotten that the real star of these movies is not Bryce Dallas Howard's shoes or Chris Pratt's smarm but the people-eating T-Rex, a lesson that I hope the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion takes to heart. Or at least to its teeth. Its very, very large teeth.

3. (1862.) Rachel and the Stranger (1948)
One step below the mail-order bride is the indentured-servant bride, but Loretta Young manages to hold her own against frontiersmen-in-need-of-a-domestic Bill Holden and Robert Mitchum in this adventure story/romantic dramedy. Enjoyable.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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