I revised the scripts here on the back end at Wriphe.com, and I've made it harder to see my lists of movies. Stupid, stupid Walter.

96. (1750.) The Shape of Water (2017)
I suspect this must have won Best Picture because it looks so damn good. The story is so simple that it's almost impossible to describe without giving it all away. If you ever hear anyone tell you that they thought Inception was too complicated to understand but they sure liked the trippy visuals, point them towards this.

97. (1751.) The Lost City of Cecil B. Demille (2017)
This documentary is about one man's quest to uncover the set of Cecil B. Demille's 1923 The Ten Commandments buried in the California desert. There's not a ton of drama, but I found the Hollywood history and giant statuary very interesting.

98. (1752.) Hotel Artemis (2018)
Jodie Foster kills it in her lead role in this badly underwritten action film. Really, she's way too good for this. But so was the rest of the cast. Not a total waste of 90 minutes, but hardly a classic.

99. (1753.) A Kiss Before Dying (1956)
When Robert Wagner tires of his partner, he kills her and frames the death to look like an accident. That's the plot of this 1956 movie. Seriously.

100. (1754.) Sex Kittens Go to College (1960)
No, I still don't think I can differentiate Mamie Van Doren from Jayne Mansfield, but I'm not sure I'm supposed to. Here she plays a stripper-turned-genius who Adam-12's Martin Milner falls for. But the best part of this is the on-screen role for Elektro, Westinghouse's walking, talking robot from the 1939 World's Fair. Maybe I'm a nerd, but I think the robot is far more interesting than anything else in this sex farce.

101. (1755.) The Human Comedy (1943)
What's funny about humans? Apparently, it's that we happily go to war when we have to, or at least that's the point this World War morale booster tries to make. I found it charming, mostly for the anthology slice-of-life presentation of a time gone by. But we still drink Coke!

Drink Coke! (Human Comedy)
Yes, that's Li'l Rascal Alfalfa at the center screen. He plays the bully. What range!

More to come.

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