Oops. Skipped yesterday by accident. So to make it up to you, here are some movie reviews you probably don't care about!

43. (1697.) Best Friends (1982)
Old Man Burt Reynolds and Too Young For Him Goldie Hawn get married in this light romantic comedy. Like too many entries in this genre, the guy has to become an oblivious cad to push events into a crisis for the third act, and that's really this movie's only failing. I just couldn't forgive Burt, and Goldie shouldn't have either. (He's just going to break your neurotic heart again, girlfriend.)

44. (1698.) The Far Country (1954)
A Jimmy Stewart western about driving cattle to Alaska and learning the value of friends and family. It didn't make much of an impression on me. (I had to look it up again to remind myself what it was.) Stewart was in so many great westerns that I'd rather watch than this again (though in hindsight, I did enjoy Corinne Calvet as the plucky would-be romantic interest).

45. (1699.) The Big Doll House (1971)
A women-in-prison exploitation movie that is notable only for being Pam Grier's second film role.

46. (1700.) Spider Baby or, the Maddest Story Ever Told (1967)
The plot of this movie is so far off the deep end, it deserves a watch. It's fundamentally an over-long Night Gallery episode about a hillbilly cannibal freak house of horrors, but Lon Chaney is so endearing as the servant trying to keep his little Addams' Family out of the hands of the greedy, destructive norms that it's kind of heartbreaking.

47. (1701.) I Wake Up Screaming (1941)
A crime noir about the same thing all crime noirs are about: one man being railroaded by fate. In this case, fate is a cop determined to prove that our protagonist (Victor Mature) murdered his girl (Betty Grable) to get at another girl. I must like this sort of film because I watch a whole lot of 'em.

48. (1702.) The Happy Road (1957)
Movies that miss greatness by the smallest degrees are often the most frustrating experiences, especially when it's not entirely clear what derailed them. Gene Kelly directs this story of a couple who falls for each other as they pursue their runaway children through the beautiful French countryside. So much of it is really quite good, especially the children. However, its comedy is often too broad to land well, and Kelly would have you believe that most adult European men are drooling idiots. Oh, well. Still very entertaining.

More to come.

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