February movies, part 3 of 3:

35. (1474.) Warcraft (2016)
Yee-ouch, does this movie need a script doctor. They clearly threw a tractor-trailer of money at it, and the effects on the screen are top notch. Only the story and any attempt at characterization are lacking. What a shame that a studio with this much money to spend on a fantasy movie didn't have anything interesting to say.

36. (1475.) Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
Who is the protagonist in this thing? Rage! Violence! Cars! If this is all the world has to offer, let it burn. (Great cinematography, though. The world might be completely, unenjoyably hostile, but at least it's beautiful.)

37. (1476.) Rachel, Rachel (1968)
This is Paul Newman's directorial debut. I found the horrible characters in Mad Max more engaging than Rachel, the mouse of a rural, stunted 30-something finally growing up in this very narrow character study. Once again, this isn't poorly made. It just wasn't the movie for me.

38. (1477.) The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018)
This movie is not so well made. It meanders badly in parts as it turns Lisbeth Salander into a super hero and reduces her sometimes-partner Mikael Blomkvist into a mere damsel in distress. The climax feels unearned. Watch Mad Max and Rachel if those are your sorts of films, but I'd advise against this.

39. (1478.) Boyz N the Hood (1991)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the movie! Friday covered this territory better. (Yes, I know which came first. But it's like trying to read the Emerson after every other Transcendentalist has stomped that ground to death. The original just feels... dull.)

More to come.

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