Finally! These are the last of the movies I watched in 2018.

204. (1433.) Monkey Business (1952)
I'd seen clips from this movie so many times, I thought I had seen the whole thing. In fact, I'd somehow confused this with Bringing Up Baby, but that definitely doesn't have Marilyn Monroe in it.

205. (1434.) Hooper (1978)
There's not much narrative in this action film about stuntmen starring Burt Reynolds as World's Greatest Stuntmanâ„¢. It's all good fun so long as no one blows out his back. (By the way, I'm certain that the finale of this movie is the basis for the first stage of the 2002 Stuntman video game level "A Whoopin' and a Hollerin'." I'm just sayin'.)

206. (1435.) The Boss (2016)
As a film fan and armchair critic, I should complain that the things Melissa McCarthy says and does in this film aren't funny, but they are. Enjoy.

207. (1436.) The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
Honestly, The Boss is a more entertaining movie. (Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because this is supposed to be a kid's movie? It's well enough made, and the comedic actors involved are top notch, but I found it lacking punch.)

208. (1437.) Blue Velvet (1986)
Finally. I avoided this for years because I've never seen a David Lynch film I liked. I still haven't, but it wasn't as uncomfortable as I feared. It's weird and unsettling, but it does have its moments.

209. (1438.) Sorceress (1982)
This movie — about a pair of frequently topless barbarian twins played by Playboy models — has nothing to do with its title. But I watched it anyway. Because tits.

210. (1439.) Screwballs (1983)
Apparently, Canadian tax breaks for filmmakers in the early 80s led to a spate of teen sex comedies. Think Porky's with a thinner plot. I enjoyed it. Because tits. Apparently, that's the kind of film fan and armchair critic I am. I also like Coke.

Drink Coke! (Screwballs)

More to come in 2019.

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To be continued...


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