Five movies watched in June:

102. (1331.) Life Stinks (1991)
This was the last remaining movie written & directed by Mel Brooks that I hadn't seen. (Achievement complete!) I suspect that even he would say that it wasn't his best, but that's not to say it was unwatchable. To his credit, Mel Brooks is funny even at his worst.

103. (1332.) Loose Shoes (1980)
This "film" is a loose collection of mock movie trailers in the vein of (the much superior) Kentucky Fried Movie. As to be expected in an anthology of this sort, it's uneven. It's got a few good bits if you've got the patience.

104. (1333.) The Peanuts Movie (2015)
I don't consider myself the biggest Peanuts fan, but I was really bothered that this movie, which is in some ways really loyal to the source material, put Peppermint Patty in Charlie Brown's class. She goes to a different school across town, people! Good grief. (I also want to point out that the movie "borrowed" its War and Peace subplot from a season 2 episode of Cheers.) By the end, I was actively cheering for Lucy to pull the football.

105. (1334.) The Disaster Artist (2017)
I admit it: about halfway into this, I forgot that it was James Franco playing the lead. What a good job. Funny, too.

106. (1335.) Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)
I've noticed a trend in these 1960s relationship comedies. Generally speaking, they seem to focus on the humor in individual scenes with marginal regard for the overall narrative. That can be real frustrating when you want a nice bow on the end.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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