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92. (1321.) Spy (2017)
From trailers, I was expecting this Melissa McCarthy movie to be a gender-swapped The Man Who Knew Too Little, but it manages to treat everyone (except Jason Statham) with at least some modicum of sympathy and respect. I enjoyed it.

93. (1322.) Baywatch (2017)
I can't say this film was exactly respectful of its characters (truly, the villains were all so paper thin, their names didn't even matter), but it wasn't nearly as ruthlessly deconstructive or lunkheaded as so many dramatic-television-shows-turned-comedic-movies tend to be. I enjoyed this, too.

94. (1323.) It (1927)
No, this isn't the killer clown movie but the silent film that made Clara Bow a household name as The "It" Girl. I didn't care for the predatory aspect of the gold-digging shop girl trying to land her rich boss, or the complication that he'd turn his back on her after a misunderstanding over what may be her child, but it has held up well enough that it wouldn't be too out of place in, say, Jennifer Lopez's filmography.

95. (1324.) Lady Bird (2017)
Every bit as good as advertised. (I admit I'm an utter sap for a good coming-of-age yarn.)

96. (1325.) There Goes My Heart (1938)
This romantic comedy starts with some really snappy dialogue. It needs this early good will when it struggles to get over the inevitable third act "will they or won't they" hump on its way to the inevitable "yes."

More to come.

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