Normally, I treat this blog like it was my own syndicated column in the vein of Lewis Grizzard or Dave Barry (not that I claim to be a fraction as entertaining as they were). My satirical, ranting essays are my attempt to squeeze some cheer from the completely unsatisfying experience of human existence.

I don't always feel that it's worth the effort. Some days, I realize that anything I could say has already been said, especially in the modern Internet era where the last thing the world needs is another self-centered yahoo cluttering the aether with his own narcissistic rambling. Who cares what I have to say?

Thankfully, Monthy Python is usually up to the task of setting me straight.

Right! There's no point to any of this, so I might as well get whatever chuckles I can out of it.

Thanks, guys!

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To be continued...


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