Remember that I said I wanted my 1000th movie to be something special? Ready to find out what I chose?

62. (1000.) Cabin in the Sky (1943)
Cabin in the Sky is a black and white musical with an exclusively black cast. It stars Eddie Anderson, best known as Jack Benny's sidekick Rochester, as a compulsive gambler whose soul is the prize in a battle between angels and demons. It was not really the type of movie I usually watch, but I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it.

Since I'm on the subject, here are the next few movies I watched in July:

63. (1001.) Good News (1947)
This musical is about a love triangle on a college campus between the star quarterback (played by a horribly miscast Peter Lawford), a librarian, and a spoiled bitch. It's a weird film. The songs are pretty good, but the dialogue is from the 20s while the fashions look distinctly 40s. Its fun, if you can get over Peter Lawford.

64. (1002.) Hackers (1995)
Wait a second. Is this what hacking looked like on a Macintosh in 1995? I was using Windows computers in 1995, and I don't remember seeing a Unix shell with fancy 3D vector graphics. But frankly, that should be the least of anyone's complaints about this disposable bit of hackneyed fluff. Hack the planet, Angelina Jolie.

65. (1003.) Stunts (1977)
The murder mystery story in this film exists merely to serve as connective tissue for a bunch of different stunts. I liked it a lot. (I'm not going to lie: I also loved Robert Forster's wardrobe in this movie. Navy t-shirt, navy windbreaker, flared blue jeans, and navy Adidas sneakers. Say what you will about early 70s fashions, but by the end of the decade, they had some stuff figured out.)

More to come.

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To be continued...


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