It feels like forever since I've posted about movies. Let's correct that now with the first four movies I watched in June.

55. (993.) A Blueprint for Murder (1953)
I kept expecting this movie to have a twist. I mean, in a Law and Order episode, they give you a suspect, throw you a curve, then come back to suspect number one. This movie... well, I won't give it all away. It's a pretty good film, in fact, with plenty of suspense. Just fewer curves than I was expecting.

56. (994.) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013)
Every once in a while you watch a film and say to yourself, "why did they make this?" Wonderstone is part family comedy like Liar, Liar, part satirical dark comedy like The Cable Guy, part dumb buddy comedy like Dumb and Dumber. The parts don't mix well. That said, Jim Carrey is a highlight.

57. (995.) The Double Man (1967)
This is a fantastic Cold War spy film staring Yul Brenner. I was confused by some POV choices early in the film, but they paid off later. Well done.

58. (996.) Now You See Me (2013)
This film had enough twists to make up for Blueprint for Murder, but most of them exist just to fake out the audience. Excuse me, director, but the viewer isn't actually a character. If you want to fake us out, it's a better option to just not show some things instead of showing us stuff that makes no sense in light of future revelations. In a mystery/caper film like this, that's the worst kind of cheating. (And don't even get me started on character motivations. Guh. The more I think about it, the less I liked this film.)

More to come.

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To be continued...


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