Saturday, Georgia had a packed house at its first G-Day Game under new coach Kirby Smart. Let me restate that: 93,000 people watched a Georgia football scrimmage. Wow. As recently as last season, it was hard to get 93,000 people to watch a game.

So why did so many people turn out for practice? Was it a chance to see what changes Smart might bring to the game plan? Was it excitement over incoming freshman quarterback Jacob Eason? Was it because seats were free? Was it Ludacris' pre-kickoff "performance"? Probably some combination of all the above.

Did I go? No. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased that 93k people could be bothered to show up to support a team in transition. But I'm not bothered that I missed out on anything, either. After all, it was only a practice.

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To be continued...