Where were we? Ah, that's right. Second and final batch of March movies.

29. (967.) Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987)
I'd seen bits and pieces of this over the years, but I'd never sat down to see the whole thing. It's great. John Hughes sure knew how to make a movie.

30. (968.) The Cat's Meow (2002)
This movie is an artist's interpretation of the rumors surrounding the murder of Thomas Ince by William Randolph Hearst supposedly based on the memory of Citizen Kane's Orson Welles. It's entertaining, but because it's played like a bit of history and not a mystery or melodrama, it's not as great a piece of entertainment as such salacious material probably deserves.

31. (969.) Turbo (2013)
Somewhere, someone thought it would be a good idea to make a movie about a snail that could enter the Indianapolis 500. Somehow, that someone convinced a whole studio, and you get this, a movie that looks great but is about as deep as a snail's slime trail. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of the lead character, and I'm pretty sure they recorded all of his lines in one afternoon.

32. (970.) Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous (2008)
Jessica Simpson stars in an unofficial Private Benjamin remake! Too bad she doesn't have any of Goldie Hawn's acting talent or comedy timing. I feel sorry for everyone in this thing.

33. (971.) Big Jim McLain (1952)
This is blatant propaganda in which John Wayne plays a House Un-American Activities Committee investigator on the trail of a Communist cell in 1950s Hawaii. I enjoyed it.

34. (972.) And God Created Woman (1956)
When I was a kid, I recall there being a lot of talk about And God Created Woman. While researching this movie, I discovered it was remade in the mid-80s with a lot more nudity, so that's probably what they were talking about. As for this French film about a hedonistic wild-child and the men who want to tame her . . . it's not my thing. (I'm already on record as saying I don't care for Taming of the Shrew.)

More to come.

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To be continued...


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