I already told you what I thought of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but I watched 10 other films in December. Here's the first five.

182. (929.) And Then There Were None (1945)
Agatha Christie changed the ending to her famous novel when she adapted it for the stage. I did not know that when I sat down to watch this movie, and I was surprised by the "Hollywood" ending. But I have to give Christie credit; I think the original story ending would have been hard to justify in a film of the old-school style like this. It's worth a watch, especially if you've only read the novel.

183. (930.) Iron Man 3 (2013)
Honestly, this isn't as bad I was expecting. Yes, the source material has been stretched beyond recognition and the third act is a hot mess, but Downey Jr. is still the glue that holds the Marvel Universe movies together.

184. (931.) Ten Little Indians (1966)
Another film adaptation of the stage adaptation of And Then There Were None, this is more stylish — the location has been swapped from an island to a mountain — yet also less effective. It's okay, but not great. Watch the other one.

185. (932.) Topaze (1933)
This movie decries the fall of morality in modern Capitalistic society, yet it allows its sympathetic protagonist to unapologetically join those who contribute to society's ills at the end of the movie. It seems the moral is "corruption is bad, but we're all going to be corrupted by life so we might as well enjoy it." If a side effect of being corrupted is earning the love of Myrna Loy, sign me up!

186. (933.) The Last American Hero (1973)
Young Jeff Bridges stars in this biopic of Junior Johnson. I generally haven't cared for the roles he chose in middle age, but the more I see him as a young man, the more I like Bridges. The kid had charisma and talent to spare.

More to come.

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