May was a busy month, but I still had time for movies, 13 in all! Here are the first seven.

90. (837.) Night Moves (1975)
It seems a lot of directors in the 1970s wanted to revisit the noir genre of the 40s. This one has a slow build, but a killer finish. Gene Hackman, as usual, is awesome.

Drink Coke! (Night Moves)
Drink Coke and sleep with teenage Melanie Griffith!

91. (838.) Ruby Sparks (2012)
Is this supposed to be a cautionary tale? There's something really, really disturbing about this variant on Pygmalion where the protagonist invents his ideal, quirky girlfriend then treats her like his personal, mindless love slave. I think it's supposed to be romantic, but I found it just plain sad.

92. (839.) Broadcast News (1987)
This genius satire on the dumbing down of the American media is wrapped around a passable love story. I very much enjoyed it.

93. (840.) The Shadow Riders (1982)
This made-for-television western feels like a made-for-television movie. I tuned in for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot. I stayed only for Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot.

94. (841.) What's the Matter with Helen? (1971)
Ugh. I watched this entire, misguided film wondering how it was going to avoid going where it seemed to be going. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

95. (842.) ABBA: The Movie (1977)
I like ABBA, but this isn't A Hard Day's Night. ABBA barely appears in their own movie outside of convert footage. That was disappointing.

96. (843.) Dive Bomber (1941)
The incredibly true story of how Errol Flynn made aviation safe for Fred MacMurray! Okay, it's not quite true — by which I mean it's not at all true — but it's still a fine film.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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