Final list of movies watched in March:

59. (806.) Life Is Beautiful (1997)
Nope, I didn't finish it. I found Roberto Benigni's character to be so damn annoying that I only got maybe 30 minutes in before I was cheering for the Nazis to carry him off. I guess some people might find his antics — such as stealing and lying and stealing some more — "charming," but I've never been a big fan of Chaplin's Little Tramp, either.

60. (807.) The Sessions (2012)
This is a strange film. I mean, there is very little story, just some character study and a doomed romance told about some very eccentric characters. William H. Macy's Catholic priest is the gold that kept me watching.

61. (808.) Marmaduke (2010)
I told you I was going to watch this. As bad as it is — and it is very, very bad — I still found Marmaduke The Farting Dog more tolerable than Roberto Benigni.

62. (809.) A Matter of Life and Death (1946)
It's only been a month, and I already barely remember this dry romantic treatise about the meaning of life and love. How the hell does this thing have a 8.1/10 rating on IMDB?

63. (810.) Village of the Giants (1965)
Little Ronnie Howard plays a boy genius in this b-movie drive-in fare that should have killed Beau Bridges career. I guess you could say this was ahead of it's time: if it had been made 10 years later, there would have been a lot of nudity that would have made it far more entertaining. (True fact: there are only 2 "giant" props in the movie. The first is Beau Bridge's hairy legs, and the second is Joy Harmon's pink-bikini clad breasts.)

64. (811.) Pitch Perfect (2012)
After I've seen every Emma Stone movie, I'm going to become an Anna Kendrick completist. She's amazing in Up in the Air and no less watchable in this very formulaic teen cheerleader singing comedy.

65. (812.) Sol Madrid (1968)
Yowch. I'm guessing they made this film just because they had all the actors under contract. "Sol Madrid" as the protagonist's name is the most inspired aspect of this crime drama.

66. (813.) The Cider House Rules (1999)
I noticed early on that almost every shot in this movie shows someone walking away from something. Even the "happy" scenes are subliminally broadcasting "loss." It's a beautiful film, but if I have to watch a John Irving story again, it's still going to be The World According to Garp.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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