Final five movies from October:

181. (718.) Being There (1979)
I have more than once heard this called one of Peter Sellers' best films, and it is. It is not, however, anything I was expecting. For a comedy, it's incredibly critical of human behavior, whether it be in our approach to politics, business, commercialism, romance... . We're really all just horrible people.

182. (719.) Blonde Venus (1932)
TCM presented this movie as something "shocking," but the only thing shocking about it is that the female protagonist goes back to her asshole husband after how he's treated her. You'd think the NFL produced this.

183. (720.) George Washington Slept Here (1942)
More Jack Benny. He's got a lot of great lines in an otherwise mediocre family-friendly comedy.

184. (721.) F for Fake (1973)
That Orson Welles knows and admits that this "documentary" of manufactured truths is the height of pretension doesn't exactly salvage this film, but it does make it bearable. (I would have sworn while watching the first 30 minutes that I'd seen this somewhere before. Art school? But the last 30 minutes I'm sure was completely new to me. But then, I did always fall asleep in class once the lights went out.)

185. (722.) Mr. Doodle Kicks Off (1938)
Joe Penner is to the 1930s as Adam Sandler was to the 1990s. Some funny stuff.

More coming in November.

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