Since I'm still tracking about a movie a day — what can I say? It's re-run season — here's the first 7 movies watched in July:

109. (646.) It Happened Tomorrow (1944)
There was a television show a few years ago called Early Edition that focused on a man who received each day's newspaper a day in advance. This movie is the same premise used as a setup for a romantic comedy. Very good.

110. (647.) Elektra Luxx (2010)
Apparently, this is a sequel, and I'm assuming I needed to see the previous movie to make sense of the plot. It starts very stylishly and comedic, teasing that it will be a detective movie set in the porn and music industry, then devolves into stereotypical soap opera about squandered potential.

111. (648.) Harper (1966)
On the other hand, this is a real hard-boiled crime drama, very much in the school of Sam Spade with the obligatory amoral twist ending. Recommended.

112. (649.) The Seventh Victim (1943)
I love old-school RKO films specifically because everyone involved in making them is trying to tell as much story as possible on as small a budget as was allowed. This movie, however, was a miss. It's mostly a mystery, which was good, but once the mystery is solved it runs out of gas and coasts along before coming to an eventual and anti-climactic ending. Oh well.

113. (650.) Nancy Drew, Detective (1938)
Confession: I love Nancy Drew, and this, the first of several Nancy Drew films of the 30s, doesn't disappoint. This Nancy's not exactly the sensible detective from the books, but the spirit is right even if the trappings have been slightly changed.

114. (651.) 27 Dresses (2008)
Boilerplate modern Hollywood rom-com. Explain to me why Katherine Hiegl has a movie career, again?

115. (652.) Blow-Up (1966)
TCM included this as one of their "essentials." If you can tolerate the molasses pace, it's a great art movie ending with a completely devastating allegory about morality and modern civilization. Also recommended.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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