I'm going to go finish my November movies in 2 posts, one today and one next week. I went for quality, not quantity in November, and as a result really enjoyed myself.

200. (507.) Inherit the Wind (1960)
Why hadn't I seen this sooner? Gene Kelly's character, a super-cynical reporter, may be my new personal role model.

203. (510.) It Should Happen to You (1954)
Jack Lemmon's first film is essentially the Paris Hilton story of a talentless woman who buys her way to fame. Very cute.

205. (512.) Go West (1925)
Buster Keaton knew funny; each of his movies is a master class in comic timing.

206. (513.) Crossfire (1947)
This morality play pairing Robert Mitchum and Robert Young is a little heavy-handed on the "antisemitism is bad." I read that the original novel keyed on homosexuality instead. That would have made a little more sense than watching a bunch of GIs after World War II murdering the same people that Hitler had just been killing. However, it would probably be a hard sell for a studio even in 2013.

207. (514.) The Party (1968)
This movie is fantastic until the climax, when a bunch of hippie teenagers arrive with an elephant and take a bubble bath. They really do still make movies like this, generally directed by the Farrelly Brothers.

208. (515.) The Valley of Gwangi (1969)
This drive-in fodder is nothing more than a King Kong remake featuring some impressive Ray Harryhausen effects. Worth a look if you like stop motion, but perhaps the worst movie I watched all month.

More to come.

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To be continued...


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