Eight more movies from September (part 2 of 3). (You may have seen this posted on Saturday. My mistake. It belongs here on Monday.)

159. (466.) The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Back in June, I asked two friends "what is the best movie that you think I've never seen?" They both said Cabin in the Woods. I really enjoyed Cabin in the Woods, but they must think I've seen a whole lot more movies than I actually have.

160. (467.) Erased (2012)
Another of my father's picks. (I spent a bunch of time with Dad in September, as I was ferrying him to multiple hospitals for medical tests.) This spy thriller was better than some, I guess. I think I've just had enough of anything remotely related to the Bourne series.

161. (468.) Carousel (1956)
The story of a woman who thinks that love means enjoying being beaten by her deadbeat husband. I read that critics love this movie. Shirley Jones reportedly called it one her favorites. I hated it.

162. (469.) Elmer Gantry (1960)
Every bit deserving its reputation. This movie is deep and nuanced. Generally speaking, I don't care for movies that frame morally corrupt characters as protagonists, but Burt Lancaster is riveting. At the end of the movie is he rehabilitated or not? Fantastic!

163. (470.) Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010)
A thoughtful commentary of the horror genre in the same vein as Cabin in the Woods. Maybe because this film is more realistic (if that's the right word for a slapstick comedy like this), I liked this more than Cabin in the Woods.

164. (471.) The Legend of Awesomest Maximus (2011)
Comedy is mostly timing, and that's a lesson that the director and editor of this film haven't yet learned. Too much crass, too little clever. It's not the worst National Lampoon production I've seen, but it is near the bottom (both figuratively and literally).

165. (472.) Black Eagle (2012)
Advertised as the South Korean version of Top Gun, it's really more Iron Eagle 2. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

166. (473.) Branded (2012)
This pointed satire about marking in modern society takes an abrupt and wildly unexpected right turn in the second act. I still don't know if I liked it, but I have thought about it since watching it. That's usually the sign of a pretty good film.

More to come.

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