Remember when I posted that bit of history of the life of Mrs. W.C. McBride back on April 18? Well, it seems that I may have doomed her house.

The Newnan Times-Herald reported today that the home at 14 Robinson Street was destroyed in a house fire following a thunderstorm on Tuesday night. The house at 14 Robinson Street was the house listed as Mrs. McBride's home address on her 1924 death certificate.

This news led to the revelation that many of the old-timers living nearby call it the McBride House, although the house was built in the 1840s by John Evans Robinson (hence the road name) before passing to William Cardwell McBride. It turns out that my mother calls it the Hatchett House, as it has been owned by the Hatchett family for the better part of the last century. Whatever they called it, it seems that most of Newnan was aware of the 2-story, white plantation-style home.

(To illustrate what kind of town Newnan, Georgia, is, John Robinson Cates, son of John Evans Robinson, was the Newnan Rexall Drugstore pharmacist featured on the October 7, 1953, broadcast of This is Your Life. John Robinson Cates was also married to Eva Arnold, the sister of my maternal great-grandmother. Everyone is related to everyone else: that's how we roll in Newnan.)

Could it be a coincidence that two weeks after I posted about Virginia "Jennie" Hardaway McBride, her home is burned to the ground? Clearly the answer is no. Beware, readers of The Blog! My blog posts are so powerful, I cannot be responsible for the havoc they wreak!

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To be continued...